What is the FUEL'D Range?

You may have noticed that we had an exciting, new range of meals hit our menu! Our new high protein FUEL'D range has taken the place of or classic "Large" range, but with a twist!

Our FUEL'D range has new eye-catching packaging and we have launched three completely NEW meals! Along with the fresh look, this range has inspired some increases in portion sizes and a revamp of our meal names. We can assure you that while these meals have changed on the outside, the flavours you know and love are still there and are as tasty as ever.

This range is perfect for our Fam who are wanting to incorporate higher protein or portions into their diet with a 400g+ portion size that is designed to satisfy! Whether you want to build muscle, perform at your best or simply feel good, FUEL’D meals are the building blocks of success. Each meal is designed around its protein, aiding muscle development, oxygen circulation and more, with fresh ingredients and complex carbs for a complete – and delicious – meal. There’s something in the FUEL’D range for everybody. To check out this range, simply select "FUEL'D Large Meals" on our menu navigation.

We hope you love this new range and can't wait to hear what you think! If you have any feedback or suggestions for new additions to this reach, please contact our Customer Support Team or send us a message.

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