What delivery window should I choose?

For your delivery, we have a few different delivery windows available for you to choose from.

At the checkout you will see this option after you enter your delivery address:

If you would prefer your delivery window to start nice and early, you can select our Residential window, but if you need your delivery to come during the day you can select our "Gated/Highrise" window. This option is more suitable if you are in a unit or gated community so the driver can access your property during the day.

We introduced this early morning option based off customer feedback which told us that our Fam like having their delivery arrive before they get up in the morning so they can put the foods in the fridge and head off for the day. Depending on your area and the number of deliveries nearby, orders in this window can also arrive throughout the day. We will always make sure to send you a link so that you can track your order and know exactly how far away we are!

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